Morning Schedule

1122 Upper Wellington6:50 am
621 Fennell6:56 am
98 East 19th Street7:00 am
Upper Wentworth and Stone Church7:06 am
781 Upper Ottawa St7:12 am
42 Palmer7:15 am
880 Limeridge Rd7:20 am
14 Derby7:25 am
899 Stone Church7:29 am
Bus stop on Upper Gage just past Quail7:30 am
Winterberry & Mud7:35 am
Heritage Green Nursing Home7:40 am
245 Kenora Avenue7:53 am
152 Walter Ave N8:03 am
King & Maple8:13 am
80 Ashley8:16 am
King William & Victoria8:20 am
Main Street opposite Paisley8:31 am
701 Stone Church Rd W8:41 am
Grandview Adventist Academy9:00 am

Monday-Thursday Afternoon Schedule

Grandview Adventist Academy3:40 pm
701 Stone Church Rd W4:04 pm
1122 Upper Wellington4:15 pm
621 Fennell Ave4:23 pm
98 East 19th Street4:26 pm
71 Rockview4:35 pm
470 Stonechurch4:39 pm
1354 Upper Sherman4:43 pm
14 Derby4:46pm
880 Limeridge4:53 pm
781 Upper Ottawa4:57 pm
899 Stonechurch Road5:05 pm
Bus stop on Upper Gage just past Quail5:06 pm
Stop in front of church just past Old Mud5:11 pm
Heritage Green Nursing Home5:15 pm
245 Kenora Avenue5:27 pm
152 Walter Ave N5:38 pm
King & Maple5:45 pm
80 Ashley5:52 pm
King William & Victoria5:55 pm
1001 Main Street W6:07 pm

Friday afternoon schedule to be posted soon.