2017/18 Tuition & Fees

(Fees are reviewed annually at the end of March)


Regular Tuition Rates

 MonthlyMonthly/ChildYearly TotalYearly Total
(10 months)With Advance Payment Discount¹
1 student/family$430$430$4300$3870
2 students/family$838.50$419.25$8385$7456.50
3 or more students/family²$1182.50≤$394.17$11,825$10,642.50

Constituent Family Tuition Rates

Members of our constituent Adventist churches (Hamilton East, Hamilton Mountain, Heritage Green, and Really Living) receive a $1000 discount yearly, per child, due to subsidies paid by these churches. Constituent discounts are reflected in this table.

 MonthlyMonthly/ChildYearly TotalYearly Total
(10 months)With Advance Payment Discount¹
1 student/family$330$330$3300$2970
2 students/family$638.50$319.25$6385$5746.50
3 or more students/family²$882.50≤$294.17$8825$7942.50

¹An Advance Payment Discount of 10% applies when the year’s tuition is pre-paid in full by September 30.

²There is no additional charge for students beyond 3 per family.

Bus Fee¹

Bus service is arranged by the school as a courtesy to parents, however the fees are not subsidized by the school. Rates are set by the busing company and are based upon the number of students using the service. These fees are subject to change at any time.

 MonthlyYearly Total
Per student, two-way/day$150$1500
Per student, one-way/day$112.50$1125

¹Bus service is only available to and from Hamilton at this time. Please contact us for more information.

Registration Fee¹

 Yearly FeeYearly Fee, if paid by Early Registration Deadline²
Per student$150$75

¹The registration fee covers general classroom expenses, including textbooks and workbooks. Registration fees are non-refundable.

²The 2017/18 Early Registration Deadline is TBA. Typically it occurs during the first week of June.

Uniform Fees

Please contact us for more information.

Worthy Student Fund

Based on availability of funds, a Worthy Student Discount may be granted to families in need of support. Please complete the confidential financial aid form, included in the registration package, to apply for this discount.

Please Note: Monthly accounts must be received in a timely manner in order to qualify for the Worthy Student Discount. Financial assistance may be forfeited for any month that the account payment does not arrive by the first of the month.

Pay tuition online using Visa® or MasterCard®. You will need to create an account if you have not already done so.